International Interconnection:
Accounting Rates, International Settlements, and By-pass

Cross-Border Rent Shifting in International Telecommunications, published version in Information Economics and Policy 10 (1998): 515-536.

Distinctive Arrangements for International Interconnection?, published version in Telecommunications Policy, Vol. 22, No. 11, pp. 945-951, 1998.

The Implications of By-pass for Traditional International Interconnection, published version in Section II.4, pp. 53-68, in Jeffrey K. MacKie-Mason and David Waterman, eds., Telephony, the Internet, and the Media, Selected Papers from the 1997 Telecommunications Policy Research Conference (Mahway, NJ: Lawrence Erlbaum Ass., 1998).

Global Communications Alliances: Forms and Characteristics(pdf)

Model-Based Price Benchmarks for Terminating International Telephone Traffic (pdf)

All the above papers are by Douglas Galbi and are in .pdf file format

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