Sense in Communication

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The demand for text messaging relative to telephony, the amount of time spent participating in virtual worlds or digital games relative to television viewing, and the value of camera phone services all depend on how persons as biological organisms make sense in communication. Three models for communication are information transfer, storytelling, and presence. While analysis of communication has tended to employ the first two models, the third model provides a better orientation for recognizing and organizing useful knowledge about sensuous choices in communication. Making sense of presence of another like oneself is a good that drives demand for a wide range of communication services. From study of living organisms, artistic masterpieces, and media history, this work documents knowledge about this good. Providing means for persons to make sense of presence encompasses competition among communication services with different sensory qualities. Competition to support this good offers enduring opportunities to create high industry value.

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Text Voice Image: Sensory Forms in Communication Services

I. Biology of Communication: Environment of Evolutionary Adaptation, Neuroscience, and Neuroeconomics

II. Hamzanama of Akbar: A Masterpiece of Art from the Islamic World

III. The Morgan Bible of Louis IX: A Medieval Picture Bible

IV. Iconoclasm, Semantic Transgressions, and Epiphany: The Sense of Mary and Shakespeare in Sixteenth-Century England

V. Sense in Media Evolution: Color, Graphics, Audio, Video, Photography, Telephony, and Virtual Worlds

VI. The Good for Communications Growth: Communication Services That Make Sense of Presence

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