Given Names in England Before 1800

As part of a study of personalization and effective communication, Douglas Galbi created the following datasets that include given names in England before 1800. The cited sources should be consulted for documentation, for updates, and to verify data integrity. For additional information and sources on given names, see the Given Names Frequency Project.

Note that the "raw" names include numerous errors in my typing the names into the database from the printed source. GINAP maps these mis-transcriptions into the standardized names. If you are interested in the actual spelling of names, you should consult the sources and not rely on the "raw" names. Compiling a completely accurate transcription of raw names would be a useful public service. But doing so was not necessary for my project.

The datasets, with the exception of the Fine Rolls, are provided below as text files in which each comma delimited line is a record for an individual. Typical fields include rn (a record sequence number), gname-r (raw given name), gname (GINAP standardized given name), sex (GINAP standardized sex), lname (last or family name), and a location or file fields. The specific fields in the records for each file are given below. They are also included as a header line in the text files.

All the names lists other than the Fine Rolls, the Guild, and the Stratford-Solihull lists were standardized with GINAP 1.0. The Stratford Guild and Stratford-Solihull lists were standardized with GINAP 1.1.

Source citations:

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